LVMAC Tidbit: Op Homefront Changes Lives

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One of the more worthwhile national, military support organizations to have arrived on the scene since the second Gulf War is Operation Homefront.  It focuses on those still serving and also those just discharging.  While it cannot replace the value of certain, long-established, chartered veterans service organizations and their grassroots support activities (one would be ignorant to think so), it is definitely a value-for-the money organization which attempts to address some of the more pressing concerns of military families in often imaginative ways.

The recent video below starts to explain its value to our military community:


But, truthfully, it better explains itself on its website, for there one can see the full range of its extensive activities.  Operation Homefront is a results-based organization, and its PA/NJ/DE Office (Northeast Region 3) is an associate member because it has boots on the ground in Pennsylvania and has done good deeds in the Greater Lehigh Valley area — an LVMAC requirement for a national organization to be a member.

By the way, it is currently looking for a volunteer to help coordinate its activities in the Lehigh Valley.  If interested, use “Contact Us” on the website.


As of 27 January 2019