LVMAC Tidbit:  Up for Telegenic Urgent Care?

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Tele Urgent Care is now available in VISN 4, which means our Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center Healthcare Network is providing it.  Veterans can now obtain care with the ease of a video chat.

VISN 4 Tele Urgent Care uses VA Video Connect to conduct appointments privately and securely in a virtual medical room from anywhere using the camera on your smart phone, computer, or tablet.

For the details, click here.

The other option is to use a “hard site.”  Go to the VA’s Urgent Care site for the procedures and requirements (read them or you might get stuck with the bill) and to locate a facility.  It is important you use an approved location, and then announce that you are using your urgent care benefit. Frankly, this part of the relatively new offering,  which first came on board in June 2019, is still under-developed for this area.  Hopefully, it will improve soon.


As of 27 January 2020