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Our VA Network is About to Conduct a Special Veterans’ Family and War Study

VISN-4’s  (the next higher organization to our Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center) Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC)  in Philadelphia is conducting a funded study to understand how war-related psychiatric symptoms may interfere with family reintegration and functioning.   The obvious is not apparent to them.  Nevertheless, there are benefits to such a study.  The means to improving care in the VA is most often  lead through documented study.  The VA has been known to be  loath to move without one.   The benefit we see?  … another step towards a more family-oriented VA.   Therefore, you can help by participating.

The center is now in the process of calling for volunteers to participate.  The focus of the proposed study is military veterans returning from OEF/OIF and their spouses or intimate partners.  It is proposing  to recruit 270 couples (married/living as married), with one partner being an OEF/OIF veteran, from various sources.

If interested in participating,  click here for the informational flyer.


As of 10 November 2011