See the proclamation below.  Good on our new governor, but paragraph 5, in particular, does not even begin to tell the true story of what the Vietnam War era veterans have accomplished. 

That generation of servicemembers has done far more than just celebrate and honor others.  It has acted in noble and far more worthwhile ways. 

“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”  may the the rallying cry of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., but it also captures the spirit of the deeds of a generation of veterans often forsaken (if anyone cares to remember).  The prodding of a succession — often lamentable — presidents, congresses, and VA administrations to perform dramatically better and to properly take care of those who have “borne the battle” and their survivors has resulted in a system of healthcare and benefits far better than one they themselves first encountered when most needed. 

The recent “Honor the PACT” Act of 2022 and MISSION Act of 2018 are but two examples of their continued efforts, working with younger generations, to ensure our nation earnestly and appropriately to the needs of its ex-servicemen.  They will leave a legacy behind them hard to excel.

They are not gone, but our hats are off to them, already.


10 March 2023