Forward Observer: How Good is the VA Healthcare System?

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LVMAC Poster Art 2005These days many people are attacking the VA for its quality of care, especially those seeking to privatize the system entirely, as opposed to those wanting to improve staffing and access to care (which involves contracting out also).  Most healthcare systems in our vicinity would be found as wanting if held to the same level of scrutiny.  In many instances the problems are furthered by the competition for resources in short supply (e.g. medical professionals) versus the sharing of them — which is typical of other businesses.  Yet, not infrequently the quality of care provided by the VA (socialized medicine, incidentally) is superior; and the reportage on that quality (transparency) is currently unrivaled, frankly.

While the  healthcare networks provided by Lehigh Valley Health, St. Luke’s, and Coordinated Health currently escape notice, this link provides some useful information (though sometimes technical in nature) on your quality of care, and how your VA network compares with others.


As of 19 April 2019