Forward Observer: Improve the Pennsylvania State Veterans’ Commission — Join It

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Interested in Becoming a Commissioner At-Large?

from Louisiana Dept. of VA

If you are a military veteran of the Vietnam era and interested in serving on the distinguished Pennsylvania State Veterans’ Commission, apply no later than  December 15, 2023 using this link.  Per 38 USC § 101(29) , the Vietnam era is defined as November 1, 1955, to May 7, 1975, for military veterans who served in the Republic of Vietnam during that period; and August 5, 1964, to May 7, 1975, for veterans who served outside the Republic of Vietnam.

The Pennsylvania State Veterans’ Commission has existed since 1923, with good reason, to advise the governor, currently through his National Guard Adjutant General, on matters of importance to veterans.  Over the years, its significance has waned with its restructuring and the creation of an Office of Veterans Affairs, but it still has statutory importance of advantage to an earnestly proactive government.  It can be used to bring attention and to propose solutions to the valid needs of ex-service members and their families; to improve the functioning of government.

The commission is meant to “…advise the Adjutant General and the department [Department of Military and Veterans Affairs] on all matters pertaining to the status, welfare, benefits, employment and support of veterans and veterans’ programs in this Commonwealth and shall perform such other functions as are provided by law …”, such as investigating and recommending “… to the Governor legislation for submission to the General Assembly concerning veterans and their activities.”

Remarkably, Pennsylvania continues to have the fourth largest population of military veterans of any state, but it also has often continued to fall short in timely, meaningful attention to them.  Its population is in the 600,000’s like that of North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, but unlike them, it does not have the active duty military force presence to naturally heighten awareness of issues surrounding our veterans.

Currently, issues in the veterans arena abound. The finding of champions with sagacious advice has particular import during this period in the commission’s history.

Consider applying, especially if you have an expertise to offer, such as in the areas of skilled management practices or services related to employment, education, medical or mental health care, long-term care, homelessness, and/or drug and alcohol.

But decide quickly!  The notice is short and several documents must be provided electronically.  December 15 is fast approaching.


As of 16 November 2023