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NuPaths, an IT and tech workforce development training provider co-founded by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology ca. 2018, has received from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry a $199,988 grant for 2023 to train 24 veterans living in Pennsylvania for entry-level jobs for network technician and IT security analyst roles.  Full tuition scholarships valued at $7,500 are being offered, and include the cost of the courses, all course materials, the certification exams, and a laptop computer.

An additional monetary advantage is that state-funded scholarships “are NOT connected to a veteran’s VA benefits determination, nor will they have any impact on federal benefits”.  In plainer language, a veteran is not required to tap into his GI Bill or VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Education (VRE) benefits to complete the training — as in so many like efforts.  This allows you to use your VA benefits to better advantage later.

And why might a Lehigh Valley resident and veteran be interested in something offered so far away?  The effort is offered “in an accessible distance-learning format”, otherwise known as virtual or web instruction.  Many of you may already be familiar with this style of learning as it has been pioneered by universities many years ago to take advantage of Deparment of Defense and servicemember dollars available.

In this effort, Nupaths offers one of two programs to pursue:  Project Analyst or Software Testing Analyst.  Each are 26 weeks in length and will train to the skills needed to jumpstart a tech career, including up to six industry-recognized certifications. In addition, career services support are provided, including assistance on how best to seek a job and connections with military veteran-friendly employers.

Therefore, this is a really good  train-to-place program opportunity — the type of effort LVMAC has been urging as part of military service transition.  In this instance, the training is meant to lead to an apprenticeship or full-time Information Technology job, a priority area of interest to Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry at this time.

To conclude, NuPaths states that all veterans with an honorable discharge are welcome to apply.  The priority will be to the unemployed, underemployed, and transitioning military veterans for awarding these scholarships. A DD Form 214 showing an honorable discharge from duty will be required.

As the programs are intended to start on September 19, apply now without delay for not much advanced notice is being given.  Call tel: 717-901-5100 Ext. 1682 or go to

And also consider calling Chris Lee if you are looking for employment and/or training.  He is a Veterans Employment Representative at the Lehigh Valley CareerLink.  Call tel: 610-437-5627 Ext.182.  This offering above is not the only game in town.


As of 29 August 2023