Forward Observer: Mental Health First Aid Course Returns to the Lehigh Valley

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LVMAC Poster Art 2005From the Lehigh County Director of Veterans Affairs:  “See attached flyer [click on the image to the right] for the upcoming Mental Health First Aid training on April 6. You can register using the attached or visit the website listed on the flyer. There is no cost for the training …

Click on to enlarge and register.

“Would like to get awareness of this training to local clergy, educators, social workers, and social work students and academics.  If you have those folks in your contacts, please forward to them.”

This is a noble endeavor on his part, and we encourage participation, returns to our area on 6 April.

However, what he is not saying, is this worthy effort originally started in Australia and exported to the world — for we are not alone on this issue, and has great value worldwide — is amply compensated under state contract, if that is what is keeping you from registering.  Do not feel obligated to donate, by any measure.

In the same token, register and go.  Help our fellows, whatever the means.  Much of it is common sense, but important to re-learn if we have forgotten.


As of 24 February 2020