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LVMAC Poster Art 2005In this blog site, we often write of entitlements and benefits veterans can receive.  However, as a population category, veterans contribute far more through their labors than they take from their communities.  Indeed, many veterans have the wisdom to understand the benefits of giving of themselves to improve their communities and those of others.

Below is one fine example of local, Lehigh Valley veterans trying to do far-reaching good — in this case, for the poor —  while attending to the spiritual/psychic well-being of fellow veterans.  As it happens, an effort such as this also shows the world the better side of the American people and our way of life.  Therefore, they gain for us in another way.  Thought you might be interested and, perhaps, in helping them.

Habitat Vietnam Build, VVA 415, 15Jul2016

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By the way, there is a Yard Sale on 11 June in the parking lot of the ReStore of Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley to help in this effort.


17 May 2016