LVMAC News: Hokey Trout Unlimited Takes It to Another Level

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As one of our original collaborations, an exercise in looking out for the well-being of our returned veterans via fly fishing activities has with the perseverance and hard work of Trout Unlimited – Hokendaqua eventually evolved into one of our most successful efforts.

Originally started under the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. banner (this was one of its first Pennsylvania state endeavors, if not the first), the program now  falls under Trout Unlimited’s Veterans Service Partnership flag as of late last year.

Consequently, the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council is thankful to the Hokendauqua chapter of Trout Unlimited, one of our original member organizations, for what it has done in outreaching to our local veterans and their families in the spirit of community caring and in demonstrating that we can often help using existing, simple ways — if a little thoughtfulness is applied.  Obviously, we continue to be amazed by this chapter for what it does; and continue to support it.  From it and the lessons we have learned, our newest collective impact program was created, the Social Recreational Confederation.

Watch below its last fall outdoor event.  Currently it is tied up in offering fly tying training to veterans.  Maybe your organization or business has something to offer.


As of 22 January 2019