LVMAC News: Looking for a way to contribute your talent to the local veterans community? Are you a budget and finance professional?

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LVMAC has played an important, but sometimes under-acknowledged role, in our military veterans community since 2003.  As a result, the development of local veterans support activities over the years has been dramatic.  Sometimes it just takes a little networking;  at other times, spearhead activities.  Although focused upon the Lehigh Valley’s military, veterans, and their families, its thinking from time to time has influenced state government — and sometimes reached higher.  Considering that Pennsylvania has adopted a loosely confederated veterans affairs system, that is quite an achievement.

But every nonprofit organization — especially  one of our nature — requires exceptional volunteers willing to give of their talents in the service of others.   At this moment, we are looking for a very special individual to help with some vital, behind-the-scenes work necessary to our taking our words into actions, a person to fill the budget and finance chair.

The flyer on the upper right provides more initial details and contact information.  We use a Nominating Committee process.

As of 28 June 2021