LVMAC News — Need Help in Finding Veterans to Invade Allentown School District

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LVMAC Logo (Best Small PNG)Robin Carmody, our Chair of the Veterans Reading Brigade, is calling for veterans to step forward and volunteer to read to elementary school students during school hours and/or after-school programs in the Allentown School District (We can use volunteers for other school districts as well.). 

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This is a golden opportunity to show the public spirit of real veterans, while allowing children an opportunity to learn from us, to understand the responsibilities and sacrifices sometimes necessary of a good citizen, and to give them insights towards developing a proper appreciation of our importance to the American way of life.  All done through the simple tool of reading a prescribed book provided.  If one can read and is a veteran, this is about as simple a way as there is to perform a genuinely good, community service.

The breakthrough is being orchestrated in conjunction with Communities In Schools of the Lehigh Valley.  After all, we are an organization of organization which promotes collaborations for the ultimate greater good of veterans and their families and to ensure a greater impact for our efforts.

If interested and you still have the moxie, contact Robin at  tel: 610-972-7371 or at email:


As of 20 January 2016