Mr. Peter Stinson, Executive Director for the Twilight Wish Foundation, explained to the council at its 20 October 2023 meeting in Hellertown the origins and compassion of his organization for the low income elderly citizen — its mission being to honor and enrich the lives of seniors …, its vision is to make the world a nicer place to age … one wish at a time.

The breadth of its services is enormous — ranging from home adaptations towards improving aging in place to once in a lifetime trips or adventures to events simply emphasizing family.  All is done using dedicated, caring volunteers to manage the effort and now needed, paid employee, the executive director.

Military veterans have not been forgotten, either.  Since 2003, it has honored more than 1,700 veterans, which amounts to approximately one-third of all wishes granted.  Sometimes that wish entails fulfilling an immediate need, sometimes it is about a last wish or a lifelong dream.  Therefore, in deeds a meaningful “thank you” is given for often selfless service for the good of our nation.

And as Peter related, in addition to funding about a 200 efforts a year, the nonprofit draws upon the kindness of others in assisting, such as policemen, firemen, the news and entertainment sector, and businesses.

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As of 18 October 2023