LVMAC News: Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs Enters the Mental Health Battle

Published by Rich Hudzinski on

Presented by Denise VanSickle, Head Trainer for Vet 2 Vet Service Dogs, Inc., on 21 September 2022 at its council meeting.  The nonprofit is very new and a needed addition to the council’s network of service organizations.  It was created out of an personal observations on the need to work with mental health professionals in addressing mental health needs among some of our veterans when best aided by the use of properly trained, service (disability) dogs.  High standards are required to do this.  It is another Greater Lehigh Valley  organization that goes beyond chatter to address the needs of military veterans and their families in a unique way — and, equally impressive, it is an all-volunteer outfit putting common sense and heart into worthwhile action by working with the professional medical community.  


As of 22 September 2022