LVMAC Tidbit: DMVA Surveying Women Veterans to Find Out More About Their Needs

[Editor’s Note:  The news release speaks for itself.  We hope the effort will be successful and encourage our female veterans to participate.  Hopefully, a useful program meeting a truly critical need will emerge from the findings of the survey.  Our veterans affairs system often causes our commonwealth to ride trail on other, more progressive states.  No one should ever want to ride trail.  Such efforts might help.]


April 19, 2018

Survey Sets Out to Identify Unique Challenges Faced by Pennsylvania’s Approximately 60,000 Women Veterans

Number of Women Veterans is in an Upward Trajectory Nationwide

Annville, PA A report by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics projects that by 2043 the number of women veterans will increase from about 10 percent to more than 16 percent of all living veterans. With this number on the rise, the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) has partnered on a survey with the Women Veterans Committee of the Governor’s Advisory Council of Veterans Services to identify issues of unique concern to Pennsylvania’s approximately 60,000 women veterans. (more…)

LVMAC Tidbit — Ten Years and Two Wars Later, Survey Says?

Commonwealth Conducts Survey of Veterans

DMVA LogoBack in 2004, the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council first reported the Commonwealth had serious problems in its veterans affairs system. While improvements have been made, the system still languishes.

Now, Penn State University – Harrisburg Campus, under contract to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, is conducting a ‘veterans needs assessment.’ It is asking you to complete an online survey, if you are a Pennsylvania veteran – and furthermore, to encourage others you know to do so. (more…)