LVMAC Tidbit: Allentown VA Clinic Hosts a Homelessness Event to Educate the Community

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On 8 June, the Allentown VA Clinic is conducting a “Homeless Outreach Community Event.” This is the third annual event of its kind being set up by an active local VA homelessness outreach program driven by local, dedicated VA employees. This event introduces the community to what homelessness services the VA provides.  It should have value to social workers who are actively interested in helping others, to include our veterans, for in several ways the VA’s efforts on the subject of homelessness are superior to HUD’s.  On the other hand, the VA wants to work with the community more and more.  Information exchange is a first step in making improvements to any program. Contact Thomas Gonzalez, 610-776-4364, at the clinic for more information.


As of 4 May 2018

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