LVMAC Tidbit — Borinqueneer Gold Medal Ceremony

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PABMC65th logoWe normally do not take note of or report on ceremonies outside the Lehigh Valley.  There are others who are more qualified to do so.  However, as one of our member organizations, the Borinqueneers 65th Motorcycle Club, Pennsylvania Chapter, was actively involved in securing the Congressional Gold Medal for the 65th Infantry Regiment — a labor requiring both persistence and devotion to doing the right thing — we thought you might like to know of an upcoming Philadelphia event.  This is one of the follow-on celebrations to the awarding of the medal on 13 April at the U.S. Capitol.  For more information on that event and the story behind it, click here.

Maybe, one day, a similar recognition event will be held here in our valley — among our veterans and people.

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Awards Receptio 30May2016


As of 27 May 2016