LVMAC Tidbit: CareerLink Wants to Hire You!

Published by Rich Hudzinski on

Two Key Veterans Positions Being Offered

After diddling around for months and months, the Commonwealth’s Human Resources system has finally gotten around to advertising for two key, vacant, federally funded, CareerLink Lehigh Valley positions which are important to the veterans community.  A quick summary is provided below and where to get additional details and how to apply.  .  If you know of a veteran who might be interested please reach out to them now, for the time to apply is short.


Want to be a Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist?

Are you a veteran who would like to help veterans in Pennsylvania find a great job and start a promising career?  The position does more than help those traditionally thought of as disabled.  The name does not do justice to the job.  Among others you can help are family caregivers, transitioning veterans, homeless veterans, and incarcerated veterans.  This is a very interesting job. 

Consequently, as a Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist (DVOP) in the PA CareerLink Lehigh Valley career center in Allentown, you will provide employment services to disabled veterans as well as veterans facing significant barriers to employment.  Working as a DVOP,  you will be able to take pride in helping fellow veterans find and keep meaningful employment, and you can truly make a significant and positive difference in the lives of veterans in your community.  

If interested in this rewarding work, don’t delay.  Apply by August 1!  For a detailed position description and to begin the application process, click here.


Want to be a Local Veterans Employment Representative?

Are you a veteran interested in a career that helps our veterans by providing promotional and informational services to employers, employer associations, business groups, and PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley staff concerning the benefits of hiring veterans and eligible persons?

As a Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER), you will maintain, enhance, and apply knowledge of workforce development programs, services, policies, regulations, legislation, and procedures. Work also includes you to implement and maintain services to businesses related to programs required by WIOA, including Wagner-Peyser, veterans, trade, and other legislation, that can be fulfilled by hiring veterans. You will have the opportunity to coordinate with business organizations such as the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, unions, and apprenticeship programs to promote employment and training programs for veterans.

f you are interested in this important position, don’t delay.  Apply by August 2!  For a detailed position description and to begin the application process, click here.


As of 19 July 2022