LVMAC Tidbit: Chamber seeks Businesses for Veterans Survey

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The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, working with the Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council and others, has created a Veterans and Military Affairs Council focused upon employment; e.g.,  helping local businesses to find returning military veterans, for they are known to have the makings for  being reliable, first-rate  employees.

The chamber has been conducting an initial, baseline survey to assess the current situation in the valley for these separating military servicemembers.  It is soliciting responses from as many government agencies and businesses (for profit and nonprofit) which have employees in our Greater Lehigh Valley area as possible.  The more organizations participating, the more accurate the assessment will be.

We know that you are busy and possibly quite tired of filling out surveys, as there are so many of them these days.  However, this effort will be used to good purpose locally in improving how we help our men and women re-enter the civilian workforce upon completion of military service.

Therefore, LVMAC is asking for your organization to participate — if you have employees in the chamber’s service area and have not previously done so.  It should take you only about fifteen minutes to complete.

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As of 21 September 2020