LVMAC Tidbit: Do you know about Lehigh Valley Team RWB?

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                              Photo by Christine Fennessy for Runner’s World

Returning from military service?  Consider joining the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Team Red, White and Blue (RWB).

Every year, about 200,000 active duty service members transition out of the military — of which approximately 8,000 move or return to Pennsylvania — joining the 3.4 million post-9/11 veterans nationwide already living in communities such as the Lehigh Valley.

Our Lehigh Valley transitioning servicemembers, now rightfully called, Veterans — both men and women — often face challenges as they reintegrate into a civilian lifestyle and workplace; and, occasionally, return with issues resulting from military service which need attention.

Team RWB was founded 10 years ago, this month, to help provide an antidote to the subjects of isolation and the health challenges some of our veterans face through focusing on “wellness”.

We operate under core values which recognize that all military veterans have the opportunity to reclaim what was most precious about their military service — and an unwavering sense of belonging. born of challenges that showed us of what each of us is capable and applying those lessons learned:

Together, we strive to make tomorrow better;
Together, we will increase mental and physical health;
Together, we will find strength and success.

Our Lehigh Valley chapter,  delivers local and inclusive opportunities for Veterans to build stronger connections in their communities through physical and social activities. During these COVID-19 conditions, the Team RWB App and virtual challenges offer engagement to all members regardless of geography and extend the feeling of community and camaraderie across the country.

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As of 3 October 2020