LVMAC Tidbit: DoD Toys Again With G.I. Bill — This Time to the Advantage of Purple Heart’ers

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Purple HeartOn 31 August, the Department of Defense (DoD) amended its policy on transferring G.I. Bill benefits to dependents for Active Duty recipients of the Purple Heart.  This policy change now allows these recipients to transfer this educational benefit without incurring an additional four years of service. 

In July, as reported, DoD established a new policy (to take effect in about one year) prohibiting all servicemembers from transferring this benefit without extending their service, including those who were severely wounded and undergoing the medical retirement process.  This was done because DoD has viewed the transfer provision as a retention tool and not as a benefit of service.  Click here to read the policy memorandum.

For all others, read VFW’s recommendation in the July article linked above on what to do before the new policy goes into effect.


As of 8 September 2018