LVMAC Tidbit: Don’t forget about the State Veterans’ Commission. Apply now!

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As previously reported, Governor Tom Wolf announced just over a week ago that the commonwealth is seeking veterans to apply for two commissioner-at-large positions on the State Veterans’ Commission, state government’s only officially sanctioned, veterans’ advisory body.

One position, this time, must be a Vietnam-era veteran.  The other is open to veterans of any era.  Indeed, the commission is seeking younger veterans.  And for the first time in ages, the opportunity to serve is being offered statewide.

Want to make a difference?  Want to help veterans in a meaningful way?  Have an expertise to offer to the commission?  Want to introduce new thoughts?  Willing to stand up for what is needed?  Willing to argue for change and apply oneself?

If so, act fast as a letter of recommendation is involved, and the deadline for applying is 23 October 2020 at 4 p.m.

To apply, click here.


As of 15 September 2020