LVMAC Tidbit — For Memorial Day Pole Watchers

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flagdayanimation5This is for those who keep their heads up.  We are writing about U.S. flag etiquette on Memorial Day and also, the Commonwealth’s — having taken note of the Whitehall Township’s unintentional breach of flag decorum.   We should be proud of how many Americans display their flag — something probably unique to our nation.  Nevertheless, as proud as we are to be Americans, frequently forget proper flag etiquette.

On Monday, 25 May, it goes as follows:

1) Old Glory is first raised to the top of the flag pole in the morning and then lowered to half-staff for the period sunrise to noon only.

2) Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, which entered the Union on 12 December 1787 (beaten only by Delaware) follows the same custom for its flag on Memorial Day.

Any inquiries may be sent to your local governing officials, stores or automobile dealerships.

If you want to know more, about customs and courtesies, click here.


As of 21 May 2015