From the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs:



Harris Jewelry was well-known in military towns due to salespersons attracting servicemembers with teddy bears dressed in military uniforms, and also for sale of items like the Mom’s Medal of Honor.

Due to a court settlement [with the Federal Trade Commission and participating states, Pennsylvania among them, on 20 July 2022], many Harris Jewelry consumers from 2014 to present are likely eligible for a refund of some moneys. Also, if you had an outstanding debt to Harris/CACUSA, you don’t have to make any more payments—your account balance is now $0. All negative consumer reports are erased, and if a judgment was taken against you, contact your state attorney general to have it eliminated.

DON’T WAIT! Apply for your refund NOW at and enter your name and contact information. You are encouraged to make your refund claims PRIOR TO APRIL 15, 2023.


As of 28 February 2023