LVMAC Tidbit — IronPigs and Muhlenberg College Team Up to Honor Our Military Veterans

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WescoeLogo_2c [Converted]The Wescoe School of Muhlenberg College (a school where “adults” go to learn) and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (the local, minor league baseball organization) have teamed up to recognize our local serving military and military veterans.

Yeah, the name of the program, “Hometown Heroes”, may have its complications – it might scare off some because most military veterans are far too humble to presume they are heroes, even those who are bona fide ones.  Most of them know what the term, “hero”, really means and entails.

Still, let’s not quibble, for the spirit of this gesture is a right one and well meant – to recognize veterans and serving military as important members of our community.  Willing and honorable military service is what they actually wish to recognize.

Their criterion for registration is therefore far more simple and straightforward: current servicemembers or honorably discharged military veterans.  Up to four tickets for a home game are available to the individual selected.  Go to the sign-up website to register for the opportunity and for more information.

The price?  A little public recognition for your military service — not such a bad thing … or deal, really.


 As of 7 May 2014