LVMAC Tidbit — New Lehigh County Director of Veterans Affairs Announced

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From Mr. Tom Muller, the new Lehigh County Executive,

“I am pleased to announce that Thomas Applebach has accepted our offer to assume the position of Director of Veterans Affairs for Lehigh County, Lehigh County Logoeffective April 28 …

“Tom is a retired U.S. Army combat veteran and instructor and is currently the Senior Vice Command of VFW Post 11322 in Quakertown and he has been employed with a soil and environment consulting firm as a sewage planning specialist.  He has also served as a weather forecaster in the U.S. Air Force for 12 years.  Tom graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Political Science …

“An important criteria for me in making this selection was for the individual selected to be someone who will make the County’s Veteran Affairs more visible and outreaching and I am very comfortable that Tom will meet my expectations.

“Along with Tom’s appointment, I am moving the [office] from the Department of Human Services to report directly to our Director of Administration — Dan McCarthy — who participated in all of the interviews.  I believe this organizational shift will bring added  recognition and priority to this critical county function.

“I know Tom will be reaching out to the veterans community in the very near future and hope you will share my enthusiasm for his appointment.”

Enough said.


As of 16 April 2014