LVMAC Tidbit — New License Plate Helps Veterans

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Honoring Our Veterans License Plate ImageThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) began issuing the new “Honoring Our Veterans” license plates in mid-January 2013. The “Honoring Our Veterans” license plate was authorized by Act 194 of 2012.

This license plate features an image of the American Flag and a Bald Eagle and contains the words “Honoring Our Veterans.”  The license plate is available for passenger cars and light trucks (up to 10,000 pounds). The fee for this special license plate is $35.

Fifteen dollars from each license plate goes to the Veterans’ Trust Fund administered by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (our current state-level veterans affairs system is under National Guard control). Money in the Veterans’ Trust Fund will be used to support and assist Pennsylvania veterans and their families through grants to veterans’ service organizations and charitable organizations. In addition, funds in the Veterans’ Trust Fund will be used for defraying the costs of implementing the new veterans’ designation on Pennsylvania drivers’ licenses and other implementation costs.

Although it is expected veterans will want this new license plate (they have other options), the idea is to get other Pennsylvanians to display the “Honoring Our Veterans” license plate on their vehicles as a sign of their support for their fellows or loved ones; and in the knowledge they are also helping in the good, old American way — through voluntary giving. All most acknowledge the Executive and  Assembly of state government both sometimes fail to speedily respond to the needs of veterans through the regular authorization and appropriation process.  If properly administered and monitored, a Veterans’ Trust Fund gives the state veterans affairs system some additional flexibility and the ability to more quickly respond to pressing or urgent needs, such as homelessness, unemployment, mental health care — serious problems for our Pennsylvania veterans.

To apply for a license plate, please complete Form MV-914, “Application for Honoring Our Veteran License Plate.


As of 7 February 2013