LVMAC Tidbit — Old Man Winter says to LVCIL: Reschedule that Stand Down!

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LVCIL LogoAs reported last week (14 January) Mini-Stand Downs are becoming increasingly popular in the Lehigh Valley as a means of finding and assisting the homeless.  Various social work agencies, contracting with and responsible to the Department of Veterans Affairs in assisting in eliminating veterans homelessness, are beginning to work together in a more integrated fashion.  It’s about time.  That does not mean the weather has to cooperate, however.LVCIL Mini Stand Down Reschedule 31Jan2015 Flyer

Today, in light of today’s Nor’easter snowfall prediction, factoring in a seasonal wus adjustment but multiplied by common sense, LVCIL has decided to postpone its first Stand Down, which will be held in Allentown, from tomorrow to 31 January.  No changes otherwise.  See Flyer.


As of 23 January 2015