LVMAC Tidbit — Op Homefront Offers Renovated Home in Hanover Area

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HOTHlogoNew Homes on the Homefront, a program of Operation Homefront, is again offering a renovated home in Pennsylvania.  In the vicinity of our area alone, about five homes over the last two years have been offered and occupied.  While this one is in Hanover, York County — well outside our operational area of concern — we thought there might be a local veteran family interested in it,  considering Homes on the Homefront is an excellent program meeting a need that can not always be satisfied here.  Deadline for application is 1 February.  For details on the home, the program and how to apply, click here.

Again, nice digs for a family, solid program, closer to the land of fresh potato chips!  Act fast.


As of 28 January 2016