LVMAC Tidbit — Operation Homefront Says “Come Home Again.”

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Operation Homefront through its Homes on the Homefront program wants to help military veterans and their families realize their own American dreams. It continues to receive donated homes to award to deserving military families around the country through partners like Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Meritage Homes. The homes are renovated to “move in ready” standards and ultimately deeded over subject to certain conditions being met.

Homes on the Homefront, Easton, 29Oct2014A home in Easton has just become available for a deserving and eligible military veteran family.  Those interested must apply by 8 November, currently.

If selected, the rules are relatively simple. The recipient must reside in the property as a tenant of Operation Homefront for a period of between one and two years to prove he/she is able to maintain and sustain the cost of the home before the house is deeded over (mortgage paid). As a tenant, one must:

  1. Work with a client services representative/caseworker to develop a customized transition plan.
  2. Pay any actual costs of property taxes, insurance, and homeowner’s association fees.
  3. Maintain the house properly. The caseworker will guide the tenant in learning how to maintain and address the repair issues in the home.
  4. Submit to routine inspections of the home.
  5. Participate in financial counseling and any other activity required by their assigned client services representative.
  6. Save enough funds to ensure they can maintain the property long-term.
  7. Once the requirements of the transition plan have been fully satisfied and the recipient is able to maintain and sustain the costs of the home, the property will be deeded to the recipient.

This has been an active program in the Lehigh Valley. The local Operation Homefront Field Office, an associate member organization, is one of the best. Two other homes have already been awarded over the last year.

For how to apply go to Homes on the Homefront website. 


As of 30 October 2014