LVMAC Tidbit: Ritter School Honoring Veterans Once Again

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Once again the students of the Ritter School prepare for their well-known Veterans Day event.  It is currently looking for veterans to step up to be interviewed.  Details are provided by clicking on the images below.

The project starts off with interviewing veterans on 27 September.  Students are given the opportunity to interview those who have served or are currently serving our country in one of the highest ways possible: service in the armed forces of the United States.  The end result is a remarkable event honoring these citizens at a school assembly on 9 November, which is open to veterans whether or not interviewed.

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Note:  In the past, AM Ramp was able to donate a ramp to our school for both of these events.  Unfortunately, this year a ramp will only be provided for the November date for our Veterans’ Day Assembly.  Surely, someone can step up to fill the void for this extra-special effort.


As of 17 September 2018