LVMAC Tidbit — Veterans Day Discounts for 2012 and Pennsylvania’s Act 176 of 2012

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We frequently get calls about Veterans discount programs.  On Veterans Day, in particular, businesses often discount goods, services and dining at their establishments as a token of appreciation for our our veterans and servicemembers, as well as their families.  One of the more complete and maintained sources is found at  Click here for Veterans Day offerings.

By the way, Pennsylvania’s Governor on 24 October signed into law House Bill 2428 as Act 176 of 2012.  Its importance? Well, the item of higher significance might be the creation of a Veterans’ Trust Fund found in Senate Bill 1531 (also signed on the same day as Act 194), but the item grabbing the most attention seems to have been new provision for indication of one’s veterans status on your driver’s license, which is what Act 176 has allowed.  The Act will now make it easier for you to identify yourself as a veteran with less hassle or inconvenience.  In other words, Pennsylvania has joined the ranks of states with “official Vet Cards.”  While the Act goes into effect 60 days from its signing, the Act states actual implementation shall occur  ” as soon as practicable, but no later than 18 months following the effective date.” Act 194 which actually provides for the funding mechanism (since PennDot required compensation)  has up to a year before it must be implemented. Good news is still on the horizon.


As of 6 November 2012