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VA Creates Office of Economic Opportunity

The Vietnam Veterans of America’s (VVA) Newsletter of July/August 2011 reports it has long pressed for the creation of  a Veterans Economic Opportunity Administration, a fourth administration under the Department of Veterans Affairs — the others being the Veterans Benefits, Veterans Health, and National Cemetery Administrations.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has now created an Office of Economic Opportunity. The education, home loan guarantee, vocational rehabilitation programs are now to be under one roof.The creation of this new office might be in response to VVA’s legislative  initiative and may also have been done to preempt Congressional action.     VVA Government Affairs says it will enhance coordination and reduce duplication of services, but the latter may bear some explanation.  Regardless, it is a positive step forward if one thinks a more coordinated, purposeful approach to the transitioning or “civilianizing” of  returning veterans leaving the service is needed at federal and state levels.  We certainly do.  We hope this is one of the new office’s objectives.


As of 15 August 2011