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First Generation Gets It Right

First Generation Visual Communication in Allentown “gets it.”  While it is important to support our troops when deployed, it is also important to support them as veterans when they return home and are most likely to be forgotten.  First Generation realizes it takes the  “whole village” to do this.  Not only must federal, state and county governments do their part on our behalf, but in times of war our community must make a special effort to ensure those local nonprofits effectively helping the local military veteran community are supported as well.  One cannot afford the opinion of one former state legislator who stated helping veterans is the federal government’s responsibility alone.

And while it is good to donate to the various national-level agencies and organizations  — one can only admire their support to Department’s of Defense and Veterans Affairs hospitals  — most do not have nearly the local focus we often need.   Unfortunately, this is also not widely understood locally; and gaps in support occur, consequently.

Therefore, it is good to see another business step forward.  Through its “Twelve Weeks of Christmas” campaign,  First Generation is  contributing to some of the  most active, local organizations serving the Lehigh Valley’s military veterans and their families.  In addition to LVMAC,   member organizations such as Victory House, Veterans Sanctuary, and Keystone Wounded Warriors are also benefiting.

We expect more organizations will be surprised by this company’s wisdom and generosity.  Kudos to the team at First Generation.  They provide another good example for the rest of the local business community.

For more about First Generation’s Twelve Weeks of Christmas campaign and those it has helped,  click here.


As of 15 November 2011